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70D Tools 7.0 mm tools

70D Tools 7.0 mm tools
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Name: 70D Tools 7.0 mm tools
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70D Tools for the 70d (7.0mm) knitting machine - These are some of the little tools that you usually find on the floor at some point. Except every once in a while you can't find it at all. That knitting machine gremlin has struck again! Now you need a new one. Here is the 70D tools selection, needle selector (pusher) and of course the allways handy latch tool. Choose from the pull down list, however, here are your choices:

A - 1x2/2x2 needle pusher
B - 1x2 needle pusher
C - Utility hook
D - "7" or "Z" Hook (used for double bed work)
E - 3x1 and 1x3 needle pusher
They're all the same price. The 70D tools do not fit a 6.5mm knitting machine but they do fit the Brother 7.0 mm plastic bed machine. Choose from the 1x2, 2x2 needle pusher or selector, 1x2 needle selector or pusher, the utility hook for catching dropped stitches, the "7" or "Z" hook used to weight double bed knitting and the 1x3 3x1 needle pusher tool. The 7 or Z hook is hung between the beds on the end stitches with a round weight in the loop. This is part of the basic set of tools used on the 70D.

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