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Yarn Counter
Yarn Counter
Yarn counter - Have you ever wanted to split a ball of yarn into two equal lengths? Using the yarn winder, measure half of the amount noted on the yarn label. Or have you ever wanted to know how many feet of yarn you used for a project? Just measure the remaining yarn and subtract the amount from the total on the yarn label. If you don't have a yarn label or are using a partial ball, wind the yarn through the yarn counter onto your winder first and get the actual length.
Here's how the yarn counter works. Attach the yarn counter to a table using a "C" clamp (not supplied). Thread the yarn through the eyelets on the front of the base, then pass it through the slot on the yarn counter and into the eyelet on the back of the base. From there the yarn is attached to the yarn winder. Press the reset button on the counter. You can now wind off a specific length of yarn. The yarn counter goes up to 999 before returning to 000. If you need more than 1000 feet, just note how many times it passes 999. For example. to wind off 1675 feet, wind yarn until the yarn counter reaches 000 (1000 feet) and continue on until it reaches 675 feet. The total yards would be 1675 feet. You can adjust the counter to accept thicker or thinner yarn. The counter works well up to worsted weight. You may not have satisfactory results with very thick yarn.

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