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Weighted Cast On Comb 4.5mm

Weighted Cast On Comb 4.5mm
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Name: Weighted Cast On Comb 4.5mm
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Weighted Cast On Comb for any knitting machine - The teeth are made for 4.5mm knitting machines, however, this device can be used for any knitting machine as a way to weight the knitting. The weighted cast on comb is approximately 126 needles wide, has yarn clips on both ends and holes to hold round ribber weights. It can be used as a regular double bed cast on comb (on 4.5mm machines only) where you need heavier weight or require the knitting to be evenly weighted. However, it is most popular as a way to rehang weights as the knitting becomes longer. It is usually used for SINGLE bed knitting. It eliminates trying to rehang the single bed cast-on comb. Here's how: When the weights and knitting reach the floor, remove the original cast-on comb. Hold the weighted cast on comb so the teeth are pointing to the floor. Position the round bar at the back of the comb so it is pointing away from you to the back of the machine at a 90' angle. Slip the knitting down between the round bar and the toothed side of the comb. Raise the comb up allowing the knitting to slide down. When the comb in correctly positioned and level, pull the edge of the bar opposite the toothed edge towards you and down. The teeth will hold the knitting against the bar. You can adjust the knitting to make it straighter if desired. Hang any extra weights as needed. Knitting that is wider is gathered into either end of the weighted cast on comb minimizing the need to use claw weights. The knitting is pulled down very evenly with this device and makes even weighting on long pieces like afghans very easy. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.


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