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Triangle Lace Weight
Triangle Lace Weight
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Triangle Lace Weight - Use the triangle lace weight where you need a little extra weight alone or in combination with a claw weight or add three claw weights for more pull. If you want more weight, there is a notch in the middle of the triangle lace weight to hang a round ribber weight. The teeth on the triangle weight are like that on a claw weight. Place this weight on the knitting and not directly under the needles. The teeth are not flexible like on a regular claw weight and may damage your knitting if it is right against the needles. The most important advantage about triangular lace weights is that it spreads the effect of a regular claw weight(s) evenly across a 6 inch span. Very handy when you don't want a lot of weight, but you want to control a lot of knitting. The triangle lace weight does not weight as much as a regular claw weight but it used as a means of distributing the effect of other weights more evenly on the knitting.
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