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SuperbaKnit B Package

SuperbaKnit B Package
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Name: SuperbaKnit B Package
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The superbaknit Interface B is the electronics used by the SuperbaKnit box to perform needle selection. You may have multiple superba, Singer, White or Phildar knitting machines that you want to use with SuperbaKnit. You can use one SuperbaKnit box with each of your knitting machines. You need an interface A or B per machine.

The SuperbaKnit Interface B is used for pegboard and light scanner knitting machines.

If you have more than one Superba knitting machine, purchase this kit if you need an interface A board plus an additional board (either A or B interface) for each of your additional machines. The SuperbaKnit can be plugged into any one of your machines once either interface A or interface B has been installed.

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