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Silver Knit SE

Silver Knit SE
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Name: Silver Knit SE
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Serial Number: Silver Knit USB

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Silver Knit is a replacement for the EC1/PE1 combination and is only for electronic Silver Knit machines. It comes with its own software and does not connect using any other software E.g., DesignaKnit.

Promotion: *FREE SilverKnit RKC1000E Knitting Computer Emulator Software PC DOWNLOAD Replaces Brother KA3000 KnitKing Calcuknit Hand Machine Knitters Charting Devices. Optional Coil Cord sold separately 

*If you buy a SilverKnit you can download the RKC1000E free with your serial number of SilverKnit, and use RKC1000E for charting and calculating personal garments. The RKC1000E is for calculating the number of stiches to the width of the garment and you can also calculate how many stitches/needles to increase or decrease for the neck line and armhole. Click HERE to Download a Free Trial Version of RKC1000 Knitting Computer Emulator

Notes: SilverKnit is a freestanding package, but at the same time the SilverKnit Box (without running SilverKnit software) can be used as a SilverLink4 with all DK8 versions (not handknit ). So download directly from DK8.

The SilverKnit Utility requires a SilverKnit box.
The firmware of a SilverKnit box is a superset of the SilverLink 4.
The firmware of the SilverLink4 can be upgraded to SilverKnit firmware.
NOTE: If you have a SilverLink 4, the download button will be greyed out. Jos

"SilverKnit is a package that consists of a SilverKnit box (Silverlink4 box with a couple of extra functions) + SilverKnit software to drive the knitting. Same knitting machines supported. The SilverKnit package can be used stand alone where the SilverLink 4
requires DesignaKnit. SilverKnit package as a superset of EC1+PE1 or PC10 where one can make use of the facilities a PC provides like a large screen" Jos Timmermans IBB 

You can use SilverKnit even if you wants to do your own designs. You can create designs with various other software packages. In case you want to do integrated shaping, DAK8 + SilverLink 4 is needed.

New in this release is:
- Support for KnitPad .NIT pattern format
- Support for Portable Map formats (.PBM, .PGM amd .PPM)
- Preview (in browser) of pattern after applying variations, before the actual download.

Note: There are also a couple of minor bug fixes and improvements like: there is no longer a dependency on the main pattern color for rows that contain only contrast yarn. KnitPad is a program written by Dough Webb. It has a GPL (free) license. I have packaged KnitPad with InstallShield for easy installation. All patterns for Passap E6000 and Deco are installed in .NIT format. You find KnitPad download on the SilverKnit download page. Jos Timmermans

Works with SK500* SK550 SK560 SK580 SK830 SK840 SK860 SK890 Electronic Knitting Machines by SilverReed Singer Studio Knitmaster. Compatible with DAK, Windows 7, XP 32 & 64 Bit

Silver Reed has two major lines of electronic knitting machines: SK500's and SK800's. The SK500 line has built in electronics, where the SK800 line is a modular system. The electronic carriage of the SK800 line is controlled by the EC1 pattern controller unit NLA, and in combination with optional PE1 design controller unit NLA. The SK500 line can be equipped with an optional PE1 design controller unit. The EC1 and PE1 are no longer manufactured.

SilverKnit and software provides the knitting functionality of the EC1/PE1 for electronic Silver Reed machines. With the SilverKnit you can knit existing patterns without the need of any additional software. You can create your own patterns with a graphics package of your choice, such as Corel Draw.

SilverKnit is a replacement for the EC1 + PE 1 combination, You don't have the restrictions of the EC1/PE1 like 60 stitches and mylar sheets. You get all the benefits of utilizing a PC like large screen, unlimited storage, lots of patterns, etc. 

Note: Does not work with manual machines, or DesignAknit. *SK500Ex is needed to work with SK500The SK500Ex ( makes an SK500 machine compatible with SilverLink 4 and SilverKnit. The SK500Ex is the only extra part needed. No extra software required.

  • For SilverReed Electronic Knitting Machines SK500-800 Series. Silver Reed has two major lines of electronic knitting machines: SK500s and SK800 Series. The SK500 line has built in electronics, whereas the SK800 line is a modular system with separate electronics.

    SilverKnit Software Features:
    - Support for TXT files (you can type a design in Notepad)
    - Support for Lace both simple and fashion (STP, TXT and STC files)
    - New variations: mirror, chevron, reflection
    - Show full picture of pattern in your browser
    - Finnish version of the software now included

  • SilverKnit has free updates
  • Installation package now also runs on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2, both x86 and x64
  • Digitized Mylar sheets for all electronic machines are copied to your hard drive during installation (My Designs folder or language equivalent)

  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

  • SilverKnit USB Silverknit with USB cable
  • SilverKnit RS232 SilverKnit with RS232 cable
  • Knitting Machines: SK550 SK560 SK580 SK830 SK840 SK860 SK890 LC580 AG50 SA-3E
  • Pattern formats: PAT DesignaKnit BPT Brother BMP Windows BitMaP CST CompuStrick
    CUT Passap Creation PCX System 90 INTO SHAPE STC Stitch Painter pattern STB Stitch Painter brush
    DAT Silver Reed PC10
  • Variations:
    Normal Double Rows Double Stitches Upside Down
    Negative Reversed Center Repeat
    Wrap Carriage left End Needles Width
    Skip Stitch Skip Stitch with Ribber Fairisle Rib
    Most variations above can be combined
  • 32 bit Operating Systems:
    Windows 98 Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2008 Windows 7 test
  • 64 bit Operating Systems:
    Windows 2003 x64 Windows XP x64 Windows Vista x64 Windows 2008 x64
  • Model PC Connectivity: Cable Power
    SilverKnit USB Series A USB connector USB External 100-240 V power supply
    SilverKnit RS232 Series A USB connector DCE RS232 connector RS232 External 100-240 V power supply
  • Model Diagnostics:
    SilverKnit LED Green Power is applied to SilverKnit
    LED Red/Green Needle is selected or not selected
    LED Red/Green Green: RS232, Red: USB
    Design Software Manufacturer Comment
    DesignaKnit 7 Soft Byte Use DK7* or SilverKnit software for knitting
    DesignaKnit 6 Soft Byte Use SilverKnit software for knitting
    Stitch Painter Cochenille Use SilverKnit software for knitting
    Journal Six Jennifer L Schmidt Use SilverKnit software for knitting
    Win_Crea Chris Dixon Use SilverKnit software for knitting

    Note: The installation program for SilverKnit has now full support for Windows 8.1. Also included are the latest FTDI drivers. You can download the latest version from: Download HERE

Included Accessories
  • Installation CD with Instructions, Drivers, Software 
  • Pattern Controller Unit
  • Coil Connector Cord
  • Power Adapter - 120V to 18V
  • Digitized Mylar Sheets
  • SilverKnit comes with an external 100-240V power supply imput adapter that converts all voltages to 18V power supply going into the SilverKnit box.
Other Images

icon SILVER KNIT Pattern Controller Unit

icon SILVER KNIT Software User Interface

icon SILVER KNIT Coil Cable Connector Curl Cord

icon You can attach the SilverKnit box on its side to your Knitting Machine case as shown, using self adhesive Velcro strips


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