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Making Waves by Iris Bishop Making Waves
Making Waves by Iris Bishop Making Waves
Serial Number: making waves
Manufacturer Name: IBWaves
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Making Waves by iris bishop - Here's what Iris has to say: The knitting machine can produce such beautiful, lightweight fabrics, which drape softly and so are flattering to wear. In this collection, I am using the "Slip Stitch" technique to create reversible fabrics with an "organic" look and feel, like light reflecting on water - Like "Making Waves"....
The beauty of knitting these fabrics is that you can work with a variety of types and textures of yarn, and the stitch pattern will blend them together. This is therefore an ideal project for using all those "part cones" we are so good at collecting.
I have kept some of the garment "edgings" to a minimum, so that they do not detract from the fabric texture. Alternatively, I have included one or two "fair isle" borders, which I feel are sympathetic to the garments, as well as being a nice way to reintroduce the fair isle technique into our knitting.

The sizes are:

Small - Bust 34-36
Medium - Bust 38-40
Large - Bust 42-44

Other Sizes: For smaller and larger sizes, adjustments can be made at front and back shoulder shapings, and are described in the garment patterns.
Making Waves by Iris Bishop.
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