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Latch Hook Tool for Bulky or Mid-gauge
Latch Hook Tool for Bulky or Mid-gauge
Serial Number: fleuro Latch
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Latch Hook for Bulky of Mid-gauge knitting machine: This latch hook is for the mid-gauge machine, however, it makes latching off on the bulky machine a little easier because it fits more easily into the stitch. The larger handle is more comfortable to use, especially for hands that have a little arthritis in them. The handle is 5/8 ths inches across so it is much larger than you are used to. The bright fluorescent green and pink handle makes it hard to loose when you drop it. 

The larger size handle is easier to hold for long periods of time making it more comfortable or ergonomic.

This latch hook tool fits Brother, Studio, Singer, Silver Reed mid-gauge and bulky machines. Reasonably priced, this is a good tool to have in the tool box for your knitting machine.
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