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Larger Capacity Yarn Winder
Larger Capacity Yarn Winder
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Larger Capacity Yarn Winder - This economy larger capacity yarn winder will hold up to 8 oz of yarn or even more of finer yarn. It clamps to a table edge. The yarn is threaded through the eyelet on the guide then through either of the eyelets that circle the cone. The two "arms" on this yarn winder give it balance when winding, cutting down on vibration. You can thread yarn through either arm but not both at the same time. The large gear gives this larger yarn winder speed. It doesn't take long to wind a large amount of yarn. The cone can be easily removed from the winder. If you are using rayon or other slippery yarn, this is an advantage. Just put the cone full of yarn into a knee high stocking and feed the yarn up into the machine as usual. The yarn will feed smoothly without the problem of it falling off the cone. The ball of yarn once wound can be removed by pulling the ball off the cone. Hint: if you wind the last of the yarn wound around the ball equitorially and the part of the yarn from the middle of the ball in a north-south manner, you will easily know which end to use. Easy to keep neet too. We recommend that when winding yarn on this winder (as with most winders) tension the yarn slightly with your left hand and place the index finger on the top of the guide to keep it from vibrating.
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