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Extra Large Weight Hanger

Large Weight Hanger
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Name: Large Weight Hanger
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Extra Large Ribber Weight Hanger - This extra large ribber weight hanger is designed to hold a single ribber weight. Ribber weights are sold separately. You can use one small or large ribber weight with this hanger. It can be used on any knitting machine whenever you need to have a lot of weight concentrated in one area, but you need the weight distributed across a wider area and not pulling in one spot. The prongs on the weight hanger are pin sharp so there is no resistance from the knitting. It easily penetrates the knitting exactly where you place it. This weight hanger is wide enough to work short rowed sleeve caps when you rehang the arm hole from a sweater and knit from the top down. 

The width of each weight hanger is 8 inches. Five of these will fit or exceed the width of most standard width knitting machines. Easy to hang and easy to use. Very sharp points will go easily into the knitting.


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