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Knitting Machine Oil

Knitting Machine Oil
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Name: Knitting Machine Oil
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Knitting Machine Oil - Our knitting machine oil comes in a 1/2 oz tube and is used for any Japanese knitting machine. The cap replaces tightly and there is a small hole in the tip, not a brush. When you need more knitting machine oil, you can squeeze out as much or as little as you wish. A good idea is to keep a small square (about 6") of flannelet in a baggie. Clean your old oil off with a little of our MP3 Spray Lube and another rag first. Take the clean flannelet and fold it in half twice. Add a few drops of knitting machine oil and apply it to the machine. Put the flannelet with the clean knitting machine oil back in the baggie. This way, you are not throwing out a lot of clean oil. The clean flannelet will become saturated and will not take up as much oil as it's putting on the knitting machine. If you need a larger amount of knitting machine oil all at once, you can apply the oil directly from the tube or put some on your finger and rub in into the knitting machine where ever it's needed.


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