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Iris Bishop Spring Summer Collection

Iris Bishop Spring Summer Collection
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Name: Iris Bishop Spring Summer Collection
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Iris Bishop Spring Summer collection - Patterns for 24 st punch card and all electronic knitting machines - Iris Bishop writes: "Every year and every season brings new themes and sources of inspiration to the fashion world. Individual designers then pick-up on these themes and make their own special interpretation of them.
Iris write further: "I have selected three of the most popular and enduring themes for these seasons, creating three fairisle designs for each one, which I hope you will find interesting and useful." Iris has included three categories in the Spring Summer Collection: Ecology - the natural world is such an important theme, in every way. As with all of my fairisle designs, these are based on my pencil sketches (Fern Fantasy, Rushes and Warblers and Ramblin' Rose). Lace - lace fabrics are popular in Spring and Summer, so I have used the "look" of lace fabric as my inspiration": Antique Lace, Lace Silhouette, Frills" (these are done as fairisle patterns -- not as transfer lace). Nostalgia - a constant source of inspiration, these designs look back to the 1930's and 40's with stronger color contrasts (including black and white) and a more "geometric" style: Still-life, Deco Stripes, Treeline.
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