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Iris Bishop's Evolution
Iris Bishop's Evolution
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Iris Bishop's Evolution - More goodies from Iris Bishop. Here is her newest book called Iris Bishop 's evolution project for 24 stitch punch card and electronic machines. As you can see in the illustration this is a swing jacket with various box length and full length options.

Here's what Iris has to say about her new book Evolution Project:

"I have always enjoyed combining different stitch patterns, yarns and techniques on the knitting machine, to create fabrics and flow beautifully on the body. 

In the Evolution Project I have combined tuck stitch (which gives the fabric "body") with a few rows of knitweave (to add "structure", stability and strength) to produce a lightweight, reversible fabric with a classic sideways-knit "drape". The garment pattern can be used to produce a jacket or a waistcoat, in 2 different lengths, as shown on the cover.

The garment shaping in this pattern is used as a feature of the overall design, and changes from panel to panel to give an "organic" effect, like the close-up detail found within a leaf or a butterfly's wing.

This pattern is written in a very complete form, so that all the information you need is right there, with a minimum of abbreviation and repeat references, to make your knitting experience more enjoyable. 

So I hope that you will get as much satisfaction, and sense of achievement from knitting these designs as I do, and that you will then wear them with pride...."

Iris Bishop's Evolution Project is now available in limited numbers. Order your copy of Evolution Project today!

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