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Felting Machine Knitting For Sewing Patterns

Felting Machine Knitting For Sewing Patterns
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Name: Felting Machine Knitting For Sewing Patterns
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Felting Machine Knitting For Sewing Patterns - Learn to calculate the amount of yarn, the size of the finished piece of felt, how to knit the yarn and make your own felted yardage on your knitting machine. A little bit of arithmetic and measurements will help you calculate the exact amount of yarn required, the finished dimensions of the machine knitted wool before and after the felting process and a techniques to get w-i-d-e pieces of felt. Use hand or washing machine techniques to control the finished results. The instructions in the Felting Machine Knitting For Sewing Patterns book uses a commercial handbag pattern to illustrate the method (pattern available separately). Make garments, slippers, handbags, hats, mittens, and more. Felt from your knitting machine is easy to make. It's soft, flexible and warm. It's not stiff like commercial felt. Controlling your results is the key. It's time to get felting that you like and want from the washing machine instead of learning to like what the washing machine gives you. A very helpful and informative publication for all gauges of knitting machines.


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