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DesignaKnit Lace Module
DesignaKnit Lace Module
Serial Number: DAK Lace Module
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DesignaKnit Lace Module - The lace module is sold separately from the main designaknit pattern. You can order this module when you order your copy of Designaknit. If you already own Designaknit, you will need to send your license number as well to get the lace module key.
The lace tool can be used to draw lace patterns for both machine and hand knitting, but its real power is in creating patterns for machine knitting. You, the designer, can easily draw the pattern straight onto the stitch grid so you see the finished result. DesignaKnit will then do the hard work of separating the pattern into transfer and knit rows and, after you have downloaded, you will be able to follow the knitting instructions in Interactive Knitting so you will know when to use the lace carriage (for transferred lace) and, where necessary, how to set the carriage, and when to knit with the normal carriage. DesignaKnit will also check for and warn you of any errors in the pattern if you have chosen to input an already separated pattern from a machine knitted lace book for example.

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