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CB-2 Control Box Kit for Brother KH-970 New

CB-2 Control Box Kit for Brother KH-970
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Name: CB-2 Control Box Kit for Brother KH-970
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Serial Number: CB-2

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The lower part of the photo shows where the cables are hooked up to the sides of the CB-2.

The Control Box 2 (or CB-2) package consists of the CB-2 control box (see photo), the CB-2 software, the personal computer link cable, the power supply and software CD. Using the CB-2 package you can knit patterns on the needle bed of the Brother KH-970. The CB-2 package replaces the CB-1 for knitting patterns. The software in the package is all you require to run the KH-970 from your computer.. 

This product is designed to replace a CB-1 that no longer works, or has been lost in a move. In other words, what you have no longer functions. Replacement CB-1's are very difficult, if not impossible to find, so along comes the CB-2.

DesignaKnit owners can still use DAK on their KH-970 with the CB-2 Control Box. The CB-2 DesignaKnit Link option is already built in and ready to go if you have DesignaKnit. If you don't have DesignaKnit this doesn't affect you. If you purchase DesignaKnit, then you're all ready to go. No problems. In any case, because the CB-2 is hooked up directly to your PC, you no longer need a cable and a magnetic switch such as the Brother cable link BL5-USB.

Note: pattern transfer from DesignaKnit to the CB-2 cannot be done with the Brother Link 5 (USB). This can only be accomplished with the CB-2 Cable and Control Box

As a convenience to replace lost components: The CB-2 Cable is available separately as a replacement for the cable in the CB-2 package in case of future loss. The CB-2 Control Box is also available separately as a replacement in case of future loss of the CB-2 Box. These two items will only function together with the CB-2 software and should only be purchased as replacement. parts. Your first purchase must be the CB-2 Control Box Kit. These two items are available as separate items.


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