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Brother Bulky 9.0 mm setting plate and/or optional screw
Brother Bulky 9.0 mm setting plate and/or optional screw
Serial Number: 413857/413860/410750
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Brother Bulky Ribber Setting Plate  - The Brother bulky ribber setting plate is the small finger shaped piece that is inserted into the slot at either end of the main knitting bed. The thumb screw holds it in position by screwing it in from the top of the main bed. The position of the setting plate is adjusted either forward or towards the machine to position the ribber correctly. The ribber has two long fingers at right angles along the top edge of the ribber. These fingers fit into the and are held by the ribber setting plate. There is a RIGHT and LEFT setting plate. Be sure to order the correct item.

You can order the RIGHT or LEFT Brother bulky 9.0 setting plate with or without the thumb screw. The thumb screw can also be ordered separately. Just go to the pull-down list below and make your selection(s).

Please note that these setting plates are for the Brother BULKY 9.0 mm ribber. 
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