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Bazooples Buttons

Bazooples Buttons
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Name: Bazooples Buttons
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Bazooples Buttons - This is a collection of hand-dyed, 3D buttons. The detail and quality of these buttons are remarkable. The flowers are 3/4" wide buttons. The hearts are 7/8" wide buttons. The butterflies are 1" wide. The animal assortment are 3/4" to 1" wide buttons. You can use Bazooples for functioning buttons, but don’t forget they make great decorative attachments. The kids will wear their Bazooples sweater with pride. You can even make up a Bazooples story about the animal collection to tell your child. A story book sweater would be a great hit with the under 4 year olds. Created by popular designer Vicki Schreiner, Bazooples are a loveable assortment of zoo animals with their own personalities. These adorable animal buttons are joined by an equally whimsical assortment of hearts, stars, moon and flowers. If you love cute, these buttons are a must-have!


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