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9 mm Bulky Transfer Tool - 7 Prongs
9 mm Bulky Transfer Tool - 7 Prongs
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9 mm bulky Transfer Tool - 7 Prongs: This is a handy tool for making lace on the bulky machine. If you have ever neede to  transfer stitches into an assortment of special configurations then this is the tool to use. Loosen the lock screw on the side of the transfer tool and pull out or push back the individual prongs on the 9 mm Bulky Transfer Tool. Snug up the lock screw to keep the prongs in place and away you go. There is a single prong on the other end of the tool just in case you drop a stitch and need to pick it up or just want to transfer a single stitch. This transfer tool is made for the 9.0mm bulky knitting machine.
Vertical weaving Effects: These are not only transfer tools, but you can use the prongs to create fantasic vertical weaving patterns. Thread a different yarn into each prong. Remember you can use heavier weight yarn to weave with. Push the required needles out slightly. Use the tool to lay yarn into the hooks of up to 7 groups of needles at a time. Knit a row. Lay in the yarn into the same hooks in the opposite direction from the first row. Knit a row. Continue loading yarn alternately from left to right then right to left as the fabric is knitted. You can skip a few rows between loads or move across several needles at a time. Check your manual for weaving instructions regarding weaving brushes, etc. This is also known as intarsia weaving. Spectacular effects are possible with the multiple prong transfer tool and lace tool.
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