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100 Stitch SB Cast On Comb

100 Stitch SB Cast On Comb
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Name: 100 Stitch SB Cast On Comb
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Serial Number: half cast on comb

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100 Stitch (half bed) Cast On Comb for 4.5 mm knitting machines This is the same type as the original standard gauge cast on comb as made by brother. This cast on comb is half the standard bed width. The comb is about 44 cm or 17 1/2" long. You can use this cast on comb on any brand 4.5 mm knitting machine. It will also fit on a 9.0 mm Bulky knitting machine.

This product features sharp wire hooks that easily hook into the knitting. The best way to hang the cast on comb after your first row of knitting, is to present the comb to the right side of the needle leaning the cast on comb slightly against the sinker post. The hook is inserted into the part of the yarn that travels from the needle to the back of the sinker post. This positions the comb so it doesn't get caught and travel up into the sinker plate causing a jam. If you also hold and pull the comb slightly towards the knitting machine, it will also help the carriage to knit cleanly.

Once the cast on is complete, hang any number of claw weights on the cast on comb for additional control.


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